25 cm Electric Repeater Duck Toys ( USB Chargeable)

25 cm Electric Repeater Duck Toys ( USB Chargeable)

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Your kids best friends

  • Children's sound-producing toys are made of soft PP cotton material, which is comfortable to the touch and not easy to shed hair. Very interesting toy, I believe your child will like this toy.
  • The cute cartoon animals make it more attractive when playing and studying in preschool. The talking duck will repeat what you said to him. The perfect gift for kids aged 1-8
  • Easy to use: open it and talk to it, it will repeat each word in his funny and high-key voice. Carry size to carry with you.
  • Good kid's little friend---this plush duckling only has about one newborn baby. Imagine how many beautiful memories the baby will share with the cute duckling as he grows up. When the baby goes to bed, it can also be used as a soothing toy, which will bring him/her a sense of security.
Product Name:Repeat plush toys
Material: Soft PP cotton
Style Type:Kids Repeating Duck USB charging
Product Dimension:25cm
Package Dimension:12*12*25cm
Package weight: 0.25kg
Function: Repeat/Sing/Dance
Packing List:
1*25 cm Electric Repeater Duck Toys ( USB Chargeable)