Bottle Blaster

Bottle Blaster

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Fun For Any Occasion

  • Bring Fun: When the trigger is fully pressed, the wine dispenser can produce up to 30 feet of water, turning any party or event into an explosion and unforgettable memory. Bring your family and friends to the party life. Without a champagne sprayer, any party is incomplete.
  • Versatile Use: The champagne dispenser is efficient and easy to control. When not in use, it can also be used as a cork stopper to keep champagne fresh longer.
  • Comfortable to Hold: Adopts ergonomic design, for one-handed use, the champagne sprayer is comfortable to hold.
  • Multi-Functions: The bubbly blaster can act as a traditional stopper and wine pourer. The throttle trigger can control short or long-distance spray, which can also be used as a stopper to keep the champagne fresh and foamy.
  • Wide Application: The bubble jet is compatible with any 750 mL champagne bottle, which can be connected to the bottle and turn it into a sprayer.

Material: Plastic
Size: 6.1 in / 4.3 in 
Weight: 150 g
Shooting range: 30 feet
Pattern: Electroplating
Available colors: gold
Sealing caliber: adjustable

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