Eco-Friendly Stretchable Lid (6 Pieces With Different Sizes!) -60%OFF

Eco-Friendly Stretchable Lid (6 Pieces With Different Sizes!) -60%OFF

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These Microwave-Friendly, Highly-Stretchable Lids WILL Keep Your Food 3x Fresher!

This product comes with 6 lids - All different in sizes! You will never need plastic wrappers again for food storing. These 6 pieces kit will give you 100% convenience keeping food fresh and clean! 

These lids are famous of keeping your food fresh few times longer than normal wrappers due to their airtight seal! 

Microwave and Dishwasher friendly, they are BPA friendly as well! These highly durable lids can sustain very high temperature! (450 F / 250 Celcius)

They work great with any Tupperware of any size, jars, bowls, cups, bottles or any container! You can even wrap them around a half cut fruit.


  • Come in 6 different sizes (8.1inch, 6.5inch, 5.7inch, 4.5inch, 3.8inch, 2.6inch), enough to cover from the smallest jar to the biggest Tupperware!
  • Highly flexible - Can cover ANY shape of your Tupperware - Be it square, rectangle, round, or even triangle!
  • BPA friendly, microwave friendly, able to hold up to 450F (230 Celcius)
  • Airtight sealing - No leakage guarantee
  • Much more reliable than plastic wrappers or aluminum foil! It won't break over-stretching - Keeping food 2-3x longer fresher!
  • Best part? They are reusable! 6 pieces can save you tons of money for wrappers and foils!

Package Content

  • 6 X Reusable Container Lids
  • Comes in Blue or White