Egg Scrambler Silicone Shaker

Egg Scrambler Silicone Shaker

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  • 🐣 Without breaking the eggshell, mix the egg white and egg yolk evenly in the eggshell. After boiling, it becomes a golden egg with golden color and elastic taste.
  • 🐣 What a mother should do: It must be delicious, but also balanced, and maintain a balanced nutrition, so that the child can be healthier
  • 🐣 The egg yolk mixer can easily mix egg whites and egg yolks, and this function can even replace egg beaters
  • 🐣 Easy to operate, pull the rope and the machine started to spin, during which it will relax the hand muscle and make you or kids happy


Egg yolk mixer
1. No shell breaking: The shell is not broken during the whole process, and the white and egg yolk are not in contact with the air, so that the eggs made by rotating are cleaner and safer
2. Draw rope design: high quality and high density draw rope, good wear resistance, high strength, and long service life after strict endurance test
3. More uniform rotation: The built-in silica gel is soft and inclusive, and uses the high torque of centrifugal force to rotate the egg yolk film instantly, so that the egg yolk is stirred more evenly.

How long will it take?
Eggs taken out of the refrigerator are recommended to be placed in a room temperature environment for a while before being pulled. Eggs at room temperature are recommended to be pulled for 1-2 minutes, eggs from the refrigerator are recommended to be pulled for 2-3 minutes