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Holographic Wireless Projection mini keyboard

Holographic Wireless Projection mini keyboard

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Enjoy typing on the go with Evofine’s portable virtual laser keyboard

We often find people showing distress as they are unable to continue their work while traveling. Evine consoles these travelers with their innovative solution - A virtual laser keyboard!

Our portable virtual laser keyboard is a creative addition to the collection of Evofine’s extraordinary products. These keyboards are particularly designed for travelers who are willing to work on the go. 

Typing while traveling is really a difficult job but our portable virtual laser keyboards are meant to ease out the entire process. These portable laser keyboards are compatible with all kinds of surfaces. From flat to opaque, these keyboards can be used at any place irrespective of the condition.

Prominent features of EvoFine virtual laser keyboard 

  • Wireless connection: Virtual laser keyboards come with wireless features accompanied with laser projection and Bluetooth connection. This allows the users to establish the connection swiftly.
  • Portable: The portability factor of this virtual laser keyboard is too high. It appears like a pocket-sized keyboard that when projected becomes a full sized keyboard. The entire product is based on laser tracking technology with a keystroke limitation of 400 characters per minute.
  • Compatibility: The most interesting thing about the Evofine portable virtual laser keyboard is its compatibility factors. The keyboard supports Android, Windows, iOS, and even Mac devices. Whether it is your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, you can easily connect this keyboard with it and continue with your work.
  • Comfort: The next exciting feature that seeks attention is the comfort zone. No matter what product you select from Evofine store you will get a guaranteed comfort zone using it.
  • Built-in features: Other than its cool appearance and high level comfort, the virtual laser keyboard is even equipped with Lithium-ion polymer battery. The battery has a capacity of 660mAH,3.7V

 Specifications of Virtual Laser Keyboard

  • Virtual laser keyboard comes with a Bluetooth version of 3.0, HID Profile version of 1.0.
  • It comes with a red LED laser diode with a projection size 241mm x 101mm, at a distance of 97.9mm from the device.
  • The keyboard is manufactured with a built-in buzzer.
  • The visibility factor is up to 1800 LUX.
  • The virtual keyboard is run based on the detection algorithm where multiple key strokes of 400 characters per minute are allowed.