SparkleSpray™ All-Purpose Kitchen Bubble Cleaner

SparkleSpray™ All-Purpose Kitchen Bubble Cleaner

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SparkleSpray™ takes the headache out of cleaning! Unique formula transforms into foam that cuts through grease and lifts stains for an effortlessly clean home! 

Endless scrubbing of stains and letting greasy pans soak in water is SO frustrating. Everyone dreads those time-consuming and stressful chores!

Dissolves the toughest grime and grease!

Powerful and Ultra-Effective Cleaning Formula

Equipped with foam expansion technology, SparkleSpray™ is 10x more effective than other cleaners! Its powerful cleaning formula penetrates grease, eliminates dirt and grime, and removes even the toughest stains! 

Cleans in 2 Easy Steps!

Just spray and rinse! No need to scrub or use harmful chemicals. Apply to your desired area and SparkleSpray™ will do the job for youfast and easy!

Polishes and Protects Surfaces!

This all-purpose spray polishes and leaves a protective coating on any surface. It combats discoloration and cracking from high heat. Gives a brand new, shiny finish!

Sparkling clean & fresh for up to 3 months!

Zero Residue, 100% Freshness

SparkleSpray™ leaves no soap residue behind for a smooth and thorough clean! It also comes with an amazing lavender fragrance, so your kitchen looks clean and smells fresh!

Wide Application to Any Surface

Use SparkleSpray™ all around the kitchen! Clean stoves, sinks, greasy pans, faucets, counter tops, and every corner for a perfectly spick and span kitchen! 

SparkleSpray™ can also be used for all your home cleaning needs. Works on all surfaces including fabric, leather, glass, plastic, rubber, metal, wood, and more!

"Our house has a very old urinal which gets gross stains. Nothing worked to clean it, even scouring powder. I tried this cleaner, sprayed it on, waited 30 seconds and wipe it off. I could not believe that it was completely clean. It works amazingly on extremely tough jobs! Highly recommend!"

Why choose SparkleSpray™ All-Purpose Kitchen Bubble Cleaner?

  • Transforms into amazing cleaning foam
  • Cuts through grease and removes dirt stains
  • Spray and rinse for a quick clean
  • Polishes surfaces and leaves a protective coating
  • Prevents cracking and discoloration
  • Smells fresh and fragrant
  • Leaves no soap residue
  • Eco-friendly, water-based formula


1 x SparkleSpray™ All-Purpose Kitchen Bubble Cleaner

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