Strong Magnetic Silicone Twist Ties - Pack of 12

Strong Magnetic Silicone Twist Ties - Pack of 12

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Meet Your New Favorite Accessory!

Super-strong, super-stretchy magnetic silicone twist ties for organizing cords & cables, holding and hanging stuff, or just for fun!

With 1,001 imaginative uses waiting for you to discover, you'll wonder how you lived without them.

So Many Uses... Here Are Just a Few!

Cord & Cable Management. The Easy Way.

TwistieMag Magnetic Cord & Cable Management

Clean up the wire mess on and under your desk, night stand, and end tables. Fun and functional,  Strong Magnetic Silicone Twist ties are faster, easier, and more attractive than zip ties.

Finally! Bathroom Drawer Organization

TwistieMag Magnetic Silicone Bathroom Cord Drawer Organization

Tired of the twisted and tangled cord mess in your bathroom drawers?  Strong Magnetic Silicone Twist Ties ties are the fast & easy solution to cleaning up the clutter. Waterproof to work well in the shower too!

Color-Code Your Wine Glasses

TwistieMag Magnetic Silicone Wine and Drink Glass Markers

Is this my wine or yours? Never again will you not know the answer to this question. Give your guests their favorite color Twis tie, and carry on smartly.

Tie Back Your Curtains & Clip Them Closed

TwistieMag Magnetic Silicone Curtain Tie Back

Forget about expensive curtain tie-back straps and devices. Grab a Strong Magnetic Silicone Twist Ties and wrap it around to hold your curtains open during the day. Then clip them closed at night.

Keep Your Gym Towel Off The Floor

TwistieMag Magnetic Gym Towel Holder

Wrap a Strong Magnetic Silicone Twist Ties around your gym towel to instantly create a magnetic fitness towel that you can stick right to the side of the workout equipment.

Keep Your Earphones in Place

TwistieMag Magnetic Earphone Earbud Silicone Clip

Ever ripped your earbuds out of your ears because the cord got caught on the treadmill rail? A single Twistie is absolutely indispensable at the gym.

Organize Your BBQ Grill Tools

TwistieMag Magnetic BBQ Grill Tool Organizer

De-clutter your grilling workspace and make some room to, well... Grill! Welcome to a new, more organized grilling experience with Strong Magnetic Silicone Twist Ties.

Help On The Shelf

TwistieMag Magnetic Elf On The Shelf Helper

Ever have problems coming up with new Elf ideas? Now you can put your child's Elf in a plethora of unique situations!


  • TWISTIEMAG IS SOON TO BE YOUR FAVORITE ACCESSORY - MUST HAVE FOR TRAVEL. Magnet your earphone wire to your gym shirt. Stop losing your keys and stick them to the fridge! Clip your chip and cereal bags closed. Bundle unsightly computer cables on and under your desktop. Magnetically tie back or hold your curtain or drapes closed. Make great sunglasses or glasses shirt clips. Perfect wraps for corded bathroom items - manage your hair dryer, electric razor, curling iron, and straightener cables.
  • MUSICIANS: AWESOME FOR GUITAR CORDS! Organize your music gear rig cables, chargers and cell phone accessories for compact storage. Mount readers on the fridge to easily read labels. Magnet your kids artwork, notes and honey do lists on your refrigerator. Strategically magnet pacifiers around the house! Hang your key chain in plain sight. Make great magnetic snap bookmarks and are wonderful for creating cute decorations in school lockers. Magnetically hold photos, notes, and pens in your locker!
  • ULTRA STRONG EMBEDDED MAGNETS WON'T FALL OUT! If you're tired of cable organizers with weak magnets that won't hold your electronics cables together, won't stick where you need them, or with magnets that simply fall out at any given time, then your search is over! Our high grade and "Scary Strong" neodymium rare earth magnets are 100% embedded and sealed into the silicone cable manager so they will not fall out. With this 10 Twistie set, TwistieMag has hundreds of no fuss uses, and then some!
  • FLEXIBLE SILICONE STRETCHES TO HANDLE THE JOB. We use the highest quality heavy duty stretchable silicone that won't damage your surfaces, won't pinch your fingers, and won't pull your hair (Yes, Twisties make terrific ponytail holders). The soft and pliable material works as an adhesive and grips the surface. This allows you to wrap them around small or large cord bundles, and the mini magnets will hold tight. The perfect reusable zip or twist tie solution for any cable management problem!


Specifications :

1. Color:A bag of 12 colors

4 style for your choose



Package Included:

12 x Earphone Cord Winder