Washable Temp Hair Dye Kit (Set of 6)

Washable Temp Hair Dye Kit (Set of 6)

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Wanna get rid of dull or damaged hair due to frequent dyeing?

Instantly style your hair in favorite colors with our Washable Temp Hair Dye Kit! This hair powder creates a vibrant hairstyle that catches everyone's attention in 10 seconds and make you shine in any occasions. 

Ammonia-free formulated hair dye compact corrects uneven color in seconds and brings highlight to your hair temporarily, making it perfectly works on all hair types and colors

The dye will stay on hair for a whole day until you rinse it with shampoo. The unique hand-held design created to avoid getting dye on your hands and clothes while coloring; it is lightweight, compact to be easily carried around for anytime hair styling.


  • Fast & Hassle-Free Hair Dyeing:
    Completes within 10s anytime and anywhere! No mess on hands and hassle-free.
  • Long-Lasting:
    The dye stays vibrant and will not fade away for whole day.

  • Simple & Washable
    Just clip the compact on your hair and pull it down to get the hair dyed. Afterwards, simply rinse the dye directly with water.

  • Safe to Use: 
    Ammonia-free, non-allergenic and non-toxic formula will not cause damage to your hair; even perfect for kids to use.

  • 6 Vibrant Colors:
    Rose Pink/ Pink/ Orange/ Green/ Blue/ Purple to go light or dark; mix and match to create unique colors

  • Lightweight & Portable:
    Mini box design saves you more time and space
    . Easy to carry and use on any occasion for attractive hair styling in seconds. 

  • Strong Adsorption
    No friction, no mess; suitable for all hair types - long or short, curly or straight; and all hair colors - blond, gray, brown, black etc. 


  1. Open the hair dye compact of the color you choose.
  2. Click hair in between the compact and press closed to apply pressure to the hair. 
  3. Pull it down to get the hair dyed, rubbing the compact into the hair. 
  4. To get the dye on both sides of hair, flip the compact over and repeat. 
  5. The more you rub, the deeper and richer the color gets.


  1. Make your hair keep a little wet before using the compact for better results.
  2. Apply hair spray or hair wax to make it more natural after finished. 


  • Color: Rose Pink/ Pink/ Orange/ Green/ Blue/ Purple


  • 1 x Washable Temp Hair Dye Kit (6 Pcs Included)